Behavioral Learning Solutions is an organization dedicated to preparing our students with the skills necessary for independent functioning, communication and socialization. We utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB) to increase motivation for learning and increase skill acquisition. We incorporate Natural Environment Training with hands-on learning to teach important skills and concepts. All of our methods are evidenced-based and derived from the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We offer individualized therapy specific to each child's needs. 

Natural Environment Training 


Behavioral Learning Solutions utilizes a unique approach to therapy that incorporates both naturalistic play and systematic instruction. We believe that learning is fun. We capitalize on natural teaching opportunities to increase skill acquisition, motivation for learning, generalization of skills, maintenance of skills and reduction in problem behaviors. 

Language and Communication 


We specialize in one-on-one language and communication therapy. We utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with a Verbal Behavior (VB) approach to therapy. We capitalize on in-the-moment teaching opportunities to teach and strengthen speech and language. 


We believe that motivation for learning is the key to functional communication. We strive to teach language that is functional to the child and supported by the child's learning environment. 

Behavior Reduction 


We address behavioral concerns with functional communication training and with formal Behavior Intervention Plans. 


A Functional Analysis and/or Observational Functional Assessment of the target behavior will be conducted prior to treatment. A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is development based on the results of the assessment. We believe that family is key to behavior change and included in all treatment planning.