Webinar Series

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Welcome to our webinar series! Please contact us with any questions regarding our upcoming webinar events.

Our webinar trainings have been carefully created and designed to provide parents and educators with important information regarding behaviors and language.

Series 1. Understanding and Managing Behavior


Understanding Behavior is a training dedicated to understanding why behaviors occur. In this training, parents will gain a basic understanding of why behaviors occur and how to identify the contingencies that maintain the behaviors. We offer parents with a basic understanding of behavior along with strategies on how to manage behaviors at home. 


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Wednesday, September 30 at 10:00am 

Friday, October 2 at 5:30pm

Series 2. Functions of Behavior


Functions of Behavior is a training specifically designed to understand the functions of behavior. 



Series 3. Increasing Vocalizations in Children with Autism 


Increasing Vocalizations is a training specifically designed to help parents set up a learning environment at home conducive to their child's learning needs, specifically language and communication.